WTJU Richmond

Dylan Taylor – One In Mind (BluJazz): Bassist/cellist Dylan Taylor has had a streak of very good luck over the years: A member of a local jazz band that backed up visiting players, he met and played with guitarist Larry Coryell. He later befriended and played with drummer Mike Clark. In 2015, the friends were set up to do a live performance which was wiped out by a heavy snowstorm, but also stranded the players in the performance hall. While stranded, they took advantage by playing AND recording their planned performance. Hence this disc. It may well be the last recording for Coryell, who passed away in February of this year. The program features five compositions by Coryell, one by Clark and three by Taylor, plus a cover of Bud Powell’s “John’s Abbey”. The performance is wonderfully varied and alive. Definitely a must for fans of Larry Coryell, jazz trios or varied explorations by three tapped-in musicians. http://www.wtju.net/new-jazz-adds-6172017/